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field of organic garlic in spring planted in regenerative agriculture style

Everyday is an opportunity to learn. 

Thoughtful actions and detailed observations teach us how to do better. 

Here's some of our work in 2021. You're invited to learn with us.

Weekly Updates from Dunn Ranch Center


Every week in our 2021 growing season, Michael Digiorgio and Seth Rand will be sitting down and sharing updates from the Ranch. Learn about what went well (and not so well), any surprises, and how this information applies to other gardening.

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2020 Seed Collection

We could spend all day listing the reasons why we save seeds. Arguably, securing real food sources for future generations is the most important. Selfishly, we do it for the best tasting food possible. 

Why should you save seeds?


Check out our seed collection from 2020 and keep an eye out for our 2021 seed saving workshops. 

Neil Creek Restoration

Partners: The Freshwater Trust and Bureau of Reclamation  

We're nearing the end of a 5 year restoration project. The early results are impressive and we're excited to watch this habitat thrive.

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