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Dylan Owens

Dylan won’t tell you he’s an expert at anything, but we haven’t seen anything that’s outside of his skillset. As an Ashland native, he jumped on the opportunity to purchase Dunn Ranch in 2018; ensuring the land would be stewarded to its highest potential. That’s a task he doesn’t take lightly and part of his larger commitment to rebuilding a healthy planet. 


Abigail Lewis

Abby is the glue that keeps the ranch together. Everything HR and Admin related comes across her desk, she builds systems for the team, and her smile is infectious. But we don’t get all of Abby’s time here. The majority of her efforts are focused on a non-profit she founded, Golden Rule ReEntry. Her community-based organization assists formerly incarcerated people reintegrate into the community. Learn more here


Michael Digiorgio

Michael’s project list is never ending. By focusing on soil health, as much as native wildlife, he’s creating a healthy ecosystem, which naturally produces better food. Beginning as an intern on farms in Maine and California, then building native and edible gardens in the bay area, Michael’s continuing his mission to build a living food production system that feeds itself and our community.


Mikey Guerin 

Mikey’s the keeper of the faith at Dunn Ranch. That’s not a common title. Basically, he makes sure everyone is smiling and having a good time… but still working productively. He’ll also fix an irrigation system. Or Calve a cow. But that’s the cloth Mikey is cut from. Growing up on a farm in Ireland, he quickly learned how to turn his hand at everything. He came to the United States almost a decade ago and some speculate that he’s a descendant of Patrick Dunn who built the Ranch in 1860.  


Lucy Bock

Lucy brings her creativity into farming and we see this across all of her work. She’s passionate about being in touch with what the land needs and acting accordingly. Thoughtful grazing, effective cover cropping and rotations, result in rich biodiversity. Previously, she worked at a smaller vegetable farm and now widening her scope to include the entire ranch, which in her opinion, is the coolest and most confusing. 


Marc Maza

Marc is the chief fixer of broken things. And we sure can break a lot of stuff. Thankfully Marc is a master welder, and his skills don’t stop there. From fixing tractors to building wind powered sculptures, we love seeing his artistic approach in everything. Growing up in southern Oregon and working on other farms in the area, gives Marc a unique understanding of our region. 


Danielle Kelly

Danielle can’t choose between music, great food + wine or Southern Oregon summer evenings, so she strives to combine them all. By weekday, “Dani” DJs for Jefferson Public Radio. Weekend nights, it’s singing on stage with her band. Happiest with a full schedule, she’s over the moon to be helping curate our Farm to Fire Music series, connecting community, farmers, artisans & musicians.


Kai Safran

Kai might spend the most time at Dunn Ranch and the chickens eagerly await his visits. Growing up on farms in Virginia taught Kai the importance of thoughtful observations. With the diversity of plants, animals, and wildlife, it’s crucial to understand their relationship and our impacts. Outside of work, Kai pours energy into volunteering. Through his prison pen pal and book service program, he’s written thousands of letters and led universities into implementing their own.   


Dana Rose

Dana's happiest when her hands are in soil. Her passion for gardening, and desire to save heirloom plants inspired her to create a community seed library. After 10 years, the library houses thousands of seeds and continues to grow. Before farming food and saving seed, Dana was a beekeeper and is fascinated by the relationship between insects, animals, and plant species. 

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