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Thursday, August 19th, 2021

Rutendo Marimba Experience Dunn Ranch Ce



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Beaver Believers of Bear Creek

10-12 PM:  Invite Only

4-6 PM:  Open to Community 

In the fall of 2020, the Alameda fire swept up the Bear Creek corridor, burning a scar into the land and into the memories of all who live in the Rogue Valley. As restoration efforts continue along Bear Creek, our community will benefit from understanding the ecological building blocks that create healthy habitat and resilient riparian systems. Amidst the complex jigsaw puzzle of bordering farmland, residential and commercial property, and natural areas, restoring the Bear Creek Greenway - and all of the degraded creeks and rivers in our watershed - proves to be a complex task. Beavers, as nature’s “engineer” and a keystone species, can play a key role in these restoration efforts, if we accept their help and welcome them as a partner, rather than treat them as a pest.


You, too, will become a “beaver believer” after this evening with filmmaker Sarah Koenigsberg and biologist Jakob Shockey from The Beaver Coalition, joined by special guests from their Scientific and Technical Information Committee (STIC), Dr. Emily Fairfax (California State University of Channel Islands) and Dr. Chris Jordan (NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center). Their presentations will explore the dynamic relationship between beavers, fire, and process-based restoration, and will leave you curious and eager to cultivate a new sort of relationship with your nearest creek. We’ll even take a walking tour of the riparian zone along Neil Creek to look at examples of restoration techniques, and see first hand how beavers are helping to build a thriving, dynamic ecosystem.  


Rutendo Marimba Band

7-9 PM

The inspiring and joyful dance music of Zimbabwe, with a tantalizing blend of marimba, voice and drum. 

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